It is no secret that navigating the many types of art can be overwhelming. There are some things to consider when deciding between buying an original painting or a printed piece of art online.

What’s original fine art?

Original fine art is art created by an artist by hand. Its market value and the overall work of the artist determine its worth.

What’s a print?

A print is an image reproduction of an original work of art or photograph that has been printed on new material such as paper or canvas.

Why you should buy original art

1. It is enough to have the original.

Some people believe it is the best. It’s unique! This is what art lovers believe, spending their money primarily on original art.

2. Your home is a unique place to showcase original art.

You have unique places in your house or office that only you can make. It’s unique, and you feel extremely content knowing it’s the only one. And, it’s special! You can use it as a mantle for your living room or in a guest room where you only display your best pieces. Most art buyers are looking to purchase original artwork for such special places.

3. you can tell the difference between an original print and a printed copy. This distinction matters to both of you and us.

A digitally printed print is not as important to you if it has textures, paints, or emotions. While you may feel attached to the art you have, you won’t feel the same way about a print.

Why you should buy a print

1. The original piece of art you love is either too expensive or sold.

People often find an art piece they like that isn’t available anymore or is too expensive. A print is the best option, as it’s usually much less expensive.

2. It may not be worth the expense of an original, depending on the space in which it will be displayed.

Sometimes, the placement of a painting in your home can play a significant role, as well as budget. A print might be more appropriate if you have a painting that is not used often or cannot be viewed clearly from far away, such as a spare bedroom or rental.

3. It doesn’t matter if the original or the print is different.

The difference between an original and printed artwork doesn’t matter. A print may not look exactly like original art, but it will still work for the purpose or budget they have in mind.

What is the advantage of purchasing each (original and printed)?

Painted Rhythm wants everyone to have art in their home. Original artwork is a great option from an aesthetic and investment standpoint. It usually has qualities such as a painterly texture and a value that a print will not. Prints are also more affordable. A print is an excellent option for those looking for artwork that costs as little as $30. Depending on the cost, location, and wall-size, you can mix prints and originals in your home. What you buy should make sense to you.

Where can I purchase original art from Painted Rhythm’s site?

Click in to see the original artwork and view more details. You can also view images and a few photos of the artwork in a room. Click the “Add to Cart” button to make your purchase. If you are unsatisfied with the painting’s price, you can submit your offer price in the “Make an Offer” tab. We will get back to you. Contact us directly if the price is not listed. We will be glad to help you.

Do you have questions about the art? To send us a message, use the Contact Us button. We will get back to you within one business day. For a fast payment, we can also send you an invoice directly.