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A sleek DIY Picture Hanging System for home or office.

Simple, minimalist style. Flexible, versatile and strong this picture hanging system allows pictures to be hung without damaging the walls. Designed to hang singles or groupings of artworks or photos at any level, with the ability to quickly adjust both horizontally and vertically.

This is a very functional picture hanging method for your home, office, retail space or even rental property where flexibility and non-intrusive hanging of pictures is required.

If you're thinking of installing a picture hanging system it's a good idea to measure up your rooms and bring in a floor plan, including wall dimensions and ceiling height. We can then advise on what you need to get started and a quote for the project.


• Hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily without drilling holes in the wall.

• Suitable for a variety of wall decorations from large canvases, mirrors to small paintings or prints.

• Strong and reliable.

• Can be painted in the same colour as the wall or ceiling to blend in to your room.

• The hanging rail’s appearance makes it easy to Integrate easily in any room or interior.

• The Click Rail is available in three different versions: white, white primer and aluminium.

• Option of different hanging wires, such as perlon, steel wire or rods.

• Hooks are available in a range of weights to suit the art or photo frame you wish to hang on the wall.

• DIY Easy to install.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about this hanging system or installation.



Click Wall Rail

The Click Rail wall decor hanging system is stylish, flexible and economical.

Click Rail

White 200cm, 300cm
Aluminium 200cm, 300cm
White Primer 200cm, 300cm

Click & Connect spacer
Mount by means of screw & plugs every 40cm.
Corner Connector
For Connecting at inside or outside wall corners.
End Cap
Used at the ends of the Click Rail to provide a neat finish.

Hook the hanging wire into the rail: twist, click anywhere on the rail.

Simple, safe and strong.

Solid Slider

Slide smoothly from side of rail.



Ratchet Hook 15kg

Locking Ratchet Hook 15kg
Picture Hook 7kg
Picture Hook 5kg


Picture Hook 4kg

Gallery Rail Hook

Gallery Rail Hook

Used with traditional hanging rails.

Maximum weight 12kgs.

Loop drop - Perlon

Loop hangs from Gallery Rail Hook






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