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25 July - 18 August

Adrian Lockhart:
Washing off the Sand

Meet Adrian Lockhart at the Opening Celebration 2 - 4pm Saturday 27 July

Adrian Lockhart Metropolis Gallery Geelong


Adrian Lockhart’s intimate, lyrical paintings and drawings reflect his love of the ocean and beach life: My exhibition ‘Washing off the Sand’ at Metropolis Gallery represents many times spent surfing, then observing the beach activity. This work is about the dance on, in and by the sea. The reclining, sunbaking bodies on the sand; people running into the surf; the wading in the shallows and the final act of washing away the salt, the oil, the sand, under the beachside shower. Washing away all but the memory. It also represents a guilty pleasure, especially guilty the washing down of a surfboard to put in my car, to drive home to the studio, to reflect and work on the memory of it all. (Adrian Lockhart 2019)

Born in Tasmania, Adrian joined ‘The Examiner’ in 1962 as a junior artist, where deadlines meant thinking and working at great speed. Adrian moved to Sydney in 1970 and while working as a successful art director he continued to paint. By the early 1980's he decided to concentrate on painting full-time and has now exhibited in solo exhibitions throughout Australia nearly every year for the past 30 years. His paintings are represented in major national and international collections and this is Adrian’s fourth exhibition with Metropolis Gallery.







Adrian Lockhart Metropolis Gallery Geelong

Three Bathers 2019
Mixed media on paper 150 x 100cm