Susan Sutton


Recent paintings Geelong, the Surf Coast and Beyond

15 - 29 March


Acclaimed artist Susan Sutton is one of the Geelong region's foremost painters. Her second solo show with Metropolis Gallery Recent Paintings of Geelong, the Surf Coast and Beyond opens on Friday 15 March with an expansive series of paintings that includes her trademark responses to life on the west coast; the forested memories of recent travels and paintings that reflect her interest in many sports including the Geelong Cats football team!

I paint best what I know and understand in the region that I have lived most of my life… familiarity and research for detail form the basis of my images.

Many of Susan's latest works are highly detailed depictions of nature and well understood sports images, however she is well known for her atmospheric images of life on the beach, which evoke feelings for the connections between people. Most of my paintings have people or human involvement in them: they become a social narrative. I like to bring this human element to my canvases while creating an atmospheric mood through my interest in the effects of light.

Susan Sutton's paintings have been acquired for significant public collections including the National Sports Museum and Fine Arts Collection at the MCG, the Surf Coast Shire, Arte Moris Permanent Collection in East Timor, The Geelong Gallery Permanent Collection, and The Gordon Foundation Collection. Works by Susan Sutton can also be found in numerous Australian and international private collections.


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