Stella’s landscapes are not plein air, impressionist, realist, abstract or representational. The questions ‘where’, ‘how’, and ‘what’ are less important for her works than why; they are painted, primarily, as an invitation.

By exploring the concept of landscape in poetic and imaginative ways, Stella invites the spectator to experience nature in all its emotional resonance, sensual dimensions and visual drama. She creates compositions of both elemental energy and consoling tranquility.

Stella’s paintings propose a harmonious relationship with the natural world, though this may be accompanied by an elegiac note. Her art begins with observation, but has a dream-like edge. She seeks to combine the sublime with the mundane; the wider view with the immediacy of plants, leaves and twigs that you move through as you walk. Immersion in the closest foreground rolls out to the seductions of a horizon of luminous skies and cloudscapes.

Stella’s paintings can be understood in terms of biophilia, the idea that humans are wired with the urge to connect with nature, and that it is essential to our well-being.

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