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Indestructible Daydreams
Charcoal on canvas

Structural Illusions
Charcoal on canvas

























Miriam Innes



Miriam Innes is best known for her bold and dynamic, large charcoal drawings executed on canvas. The exaggerated perspective and tonal precision in her pieces demands attention with its starkness and strength, the work is produced utilising the most elemental material, Charcoal.

Innes completed a bachelor degree in fine arts in her home country, Ireland in 2003. Since then she’s travelled worldwide and spent time in Australia, Asia; U.S. Europe; and the Middle East, drawing on cities' respective architectures for inspiration. On returning from Dubai in 2011 Innes paused on her professional practice to concentrate on the care of her own young family.

July 2016 Innes began the “Spheres+Grids” series of work; it was the catalyst to the return of her studio practice.  She was finalist in Clayton Utz QLD Art Award QLD and successfully participated in the Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards at Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum and has executed a number of private commissions so far this year.

She continues to push the limits of her medium, mastering and controlling its yielding disposition to produce her dynamic charcoal pieces.