Keren Zorn




"I want to do very specific things, like portraits," (Francis Bacon).

I have never been attracted to doing anything else. I have never been inspired by any other subject matter. I have attempted other subjects such as landscapes, but never have I hated doing anything more. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a brilliant landscape, but never have I enjoyed creating them myself. I have been pressed by teachers, and those who want me to push myself, but I have never gone back to it after that specific assignment, or task was complete. And if I am so attracted to one type of thing, I am going to let myself do it.

I have been told that I have a very masculine style, and that mostly males would be attracted to my work. I think this has some truth to it, as most/all of my subjects are males, but I would not generalize and say that only men would like my work. True, my works are not usually colourful; they use mostly black, whites (sometimes grey’s, if there is any colour) so it is usually very muted. But I believe colour is not the only attribution to a pleasing aesthetic. I do not want to distract with colour, and let the viewer concentrate on texture more than anything.

I would have to say that my works are not necessarily picturesque, because I choose subjects with a lot of texture to their face. The subjects of my portraits are not necessarily good looking, but the pleasant aesthetic comes from the fine detail. It is a contradiction. A rough face, yet a very fine, methodical rendering. I also concentrate on just the full face, and there is nothing to hide from, from the viewer’s perspective, therefore this can sometimes be unsettling.

I work only from photographs, not from real life. It is said that in a portrait having multiple photographs and the person present helps to capture their character. Yet I find having the subject there distracting. I am very precise and work slowly and in lots. So I am too conscious of having the subject there and get bored whilst I methodically work on their portrait for hours. For me, this is not the right mindset to be in whilst working.

‘I think that if I have the presence of the image there, I am not able to drift so freely as I am able to, through the photographic image.’ (Francis Bacon) It was because of this that he felt inhibited by the subject's physical presence in the room and preferred to work from photographs.
I don’t try and philosophize or force and ideal onto the viewer about my work via the title. But merely cite the pictorial and the obvious. This is why I think I work better from photos rather than real life. I am not trying to capture the character, or personality of the subject, I just want the image. My works do not have a purpose or meaning, other than the aesthetic, and my titles reflect that. I give up control, and do not express a thought via the title other than the obvious. People will look at your art and take away whatever experiences they will, without any hints or philosophical meaning in the title.


Education/Artist Training
(Not completed due to school closing) Diploma in Visual Arts, Bougham School of Art and Photography.
Art Administration Certificat III, Gordon Art Gallery.
Fine Art Framing, Metropolis Art Gallery.


Grants and Awards
As I am still relatively young, and am attempting to start my arts career, I have not yet received any grants or awards professionally.



Please Welcome: Light Up Geelong exhibition – Market Square, Geelong. Vic. July 8 – July 31 2011. Light Up Geelong is a new group show that aims to expose the creative talents that hide within our local community.

Works shown at Café Go, Geelong - 10 of my prints were displayed at Café Go in the Geelong City for the month of August 2011.

Illumination – Customs House, Geelong - July 7, 15, 22, 29, 2011. My images were use for promotional posters and advertisements for this event, as well as featuring over 15 works of my prints and paintings. Illumination aims to brighten up these chilly winter evenings by using the iconic Customs House building on Geelong’s waterfront as a canvas in which we will project images, multi-media, lighting, and sound.

Ballyhoo art accepted 12 of my works for their art store. Ballyhoo is an exhibition point for artists in Geelong yet, is also a retail shop which sells works, and crafts of all kinds. It a store offering a mixture of artwork by local, national and international artists.


Commissioned by the Reformed Theological College in Geelong in 2009, I was asked to complete a portrait of my grandfather Raymond O. Zorn, who had been a professor there. This was for the opening of their student room, which was named after him.


I am a beginner artist wishing to begin a small arts career, I wish to start entering into arts prizes and I am currently working towards entering more print making prizes to help with exposure for my artwork. My interest in art is definitely portraits. All my work seems to be centered around the face in particular. I am drawn to faces with age and character.