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Tommy Watson

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9 August – 2 September

Yannima Pikarli Tommy Watson was born around 1935 in Western Australia, near the junction of the border with the Northern Territory and South Australia and is a senior Pitjantjatara elder. His given names of Yannima and Pikarli relate to specific sites near Anumarapiti, located 75 Kilometers West of the small community of Irrunytju. 

Nicodemus Watson was a strong father figure, and taught young Tommy the traditional skills of hunting and gathering necessary for survival in the harsh Australian desert. He gained a deep understanding of the environment and its relationship to his own ancestral stories. To the Aboriginal peoples of Australia these ancestral stories are collectively known as Tjukurrpa.

He began painting at the Irrunytju community art centre in 2001. Soon recognized as a leading light in the Aboriginal Art movement, he is held in great esteem by art collectors and art lovers globally.