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Alan Delaney


Artist Statement

My mother and grandmother were painters. I drew and painted badly also, but I was much influenced by school trips and expeditions to see the paintings of Turner, Rothko, Picasso and my hunger for modern imagery just grew from there.

There were two pivotal career moments for me. The first was the relief and exhilaration I felt when I took my very first glimpse through a camera viewfinder, age 14. The second was when I was 18 and I saw the Antonioni film ‘Blow Up’. From that point on I knew I was to be a photographer.

My best friend’s big brother had studied photography at art school and suggested it to me, so I left behind a civil service career and enrolled at Berkshire College of Art & Design in the UK, and followed that with an apprenticeship in commercial photography studios and darkrooms in London.

I simply take the photos that I would wish to see. But at the back of that is a wish for peace and a need to explore. My analogue techniques are hard wired and I still love to use the equipment and techniques that I am trained in, and now with a scanner and a giclee printer I am able to truly optimise the quality and content in my negatives.

I hope you enjoy.