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Edge 5 Walking drawing 1 Walking drawing 3
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Untitled Notation Garden 4 Fragments of Memory











































wendy stokes


A group show with six works by six artists!

4 - 20 May 2017


My work connects to lived encounters within landscape; places which harbour meaning. My daily experience is embedded in the daily and shifting encounters within my immediate coastal vicinity; the ocean and its edge. Such a place becomes a site, a  trigger for notations of both observed and felt experiences which pull towards the psychological rather than a singular and static landscape view.  I use drawing as a process of rehearsal to ‘feel’ the bones of a place while painting becomes about the residue of act and a reconfiguring of encounters. Printmaking provides an alternative exploration relating to process and action which also parallels the environment; that of washing, gouging, layering, and marking out.

This body of work connects with these experiences playing with the shifts between painting and drawing, exploiting the open ground of the canvas as a way to open up the ambiguity of space where the canvas becomes a filter through which light, and mark, hover and suspend, reflecting nature’s intensity; it pause and fractured moments. These too, also parallel the very acts of painting; maintaining the raw physical act of making and connection to both the psychological and essence of site. Landscape becomes about sensory experiences and is transformed through shifting experiences.

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