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Desert Gould Finch Flock Gouldian Reflection
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Gouldian Flock Small Gould FInch Little Gould Finch













































A group show with six works by six artists!

4 - 20 May 2017

Now considered endangered the Gouldian Finch’s spectacular plumage so impressed discoverer John Gould he named it after his late wife.

Also known as the Lady Gouldian finch, Gould's finch or the Rainbow finch it was once common throughout tropical savannah woodlands across Northern Australia but is now restricted to a few small scattered populations, due to habitat loss and extensive trapping throughout the 20th century. However large numbers are bred in captivity around the world to the extent that viable breeding population exist internationally. Thus the paradox of a caged species that may soon be extinct in the wild - a refugee forever incarcerated by the whims of commerce and human desire.

In this work Endangered (in the wild) I have portrayed the Gouldian finch as a giant, a goliath, a juggernaut - for despite it its diminutive size the finch’s loss to the wild is an enormous and a harrowing indictment of our inability to protect the world, the world that nurtured us to dominance.